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Social Standard
 Fair Trade is a self-explanatory standard to ensure the rights of farmers and workers and to bring about sustainably fair terms of trade for all. Fair Trade is all about adopting the best practices keeping intact the local market norms, promoting better pricing strategies, relaxing the end consumer and reinforcing decent working conditions. Fair Trade has been used as the asset at hand, in most of the developing countries. Catalyic Consulting seeks its vision in bringing a change in the working condition and laying a foundation where justifiable development practices, through justice, can form the pre requisites of trade structures and practices. Following this right path, a dignified livelihood can be developed where the bodies can work and grow with full potential.

We have been developing businesses and consistently enabling them to perform and grow with a set of best practices and standards so that they can effectively slice through the competitive market conditions. We provide consultation on Fair Trade Standards and mechanisms of operation. Moreover, we authorize our clients with Fair Trade Certification and enable them to heap benefits and escalate profits.

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