Infotech achieving CMMI® ML3 with Catalyic


The quality of the system is directly dependent on the quality of the processes that are used to acquire, develop and ultimately maintain the overall system. As the quality of the processes rises, the quality of the system is also improved. The quality leveraging points are focused on people, technology and processes retained by an organization. We have human resources management for the people, the IT department for maintenance of entire technology framework and finally we have CMMI® for the balance and leveraging of processes with the best available practices. We, at Catalyic Consulting, are privileged to improvise the entire services related to CMMI® Consulting, Implementation and Appraisal.

Infotech, a multinational IT company is committed to deliver the best tech – oriented strategic solutions for the businesses to gain productive results. It provides an IT infrastructure for the organizations and acts as IT systems integrator. The company also offers technology consulting services for the facilitation of its clients in order to build awareness and identify the loopholes. Lately, the company started facing severe issues due to expansion at organizational level. As the organization was expanding, the issues at the process level started expanding too. Infotech felt an instant urge to manage the processes to sustain the quality and consistently meet the commitments with the clients.

To help them fulfill their need, Infotech and Catalyic joined hands together and implemented CMMI® Level III Process Areas. All credit goes to our committed and highly trained professionals who have successfully deployed CMMI® ML3.

We at Catalyic, delivers the best of best services and works day and night to successfully achieve the entire cycle of CMMI® Consulting, implementation and Appraisal within the specified time frame and budget. The company has reached its continuous process improvement goal with improved business performance as Infotech achieving CMMI® ML3 with Catalyic.

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