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The team of Catalyic comprises of highly experienced consultants and ethical hackers to provide a complete and independent penetration testing service. We use unique and effective techniques of penetration where our experts determine how well the organization’s current security infrastructure protects the assets. We do this by trying to gain access of the network and information assets in the same way a hacker would but this is done to help an organization to secure their information and data.

Our Penetration Testing service covers all the below mentioned aspects of an organization’s security:
             • External Network Penetration
             • Internal Network Penetration
             • Server Application Penetration
             • Web Application Penetration
             • Mobile Application Penetration
             • Client Application Penetration
             • Physical Security Penetration

Scope & Methodology:

Black Box Testing: In this type of testing, we don’t have any access to customer’s system.
Customer is required to provide us with their IP address range and then it is up to our 21 technical skills to run our test. This is a classic form of penetration testing.
White Box Testing: In this type of testing, we get every information and access to customer’s IT network and systems. We, then thoroughly test the strength and effectiveness of security controls which are in place for IT infrastructure.
Gray Box Testing: This type of testing is hybrid of black and white testing; in which we test some of the customer’s IT controls like perimeter network and web services using the Black Box Testing Technique. In addition to that, we also apply White Box Testing for an extensive test of all the internal systems which are less prone than publicly accessed IT systems.

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