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Social standards are an ethical obligation for organizations to sustain. As social standards are the core human standards, therefore, it should be the ultimate task of a responsible organization to focus on the fair social and labor law conditions and ensure complete compliance to it. Keeping intact the social standards, organizations are able to perform well and maintain a credible position in the community. It also enables the organizations to adhere to long term competitiveness. As the integrity of organizational processes, sales figures, market figures etc. are monitored; in the same manner, the environment must also be preserved and the social rights of the human resource must be taken care of, which comes under Social Accountability Standards. Within the same realm, the propagation of Fair Trade is also part of social standards to enable equal trade opportunities for all, complying with standardized set of processes. Social standards are entitled to:

  • Promote corporate social responsibility.
  • Standardized employment conditions for all.
  • Protection of Human Rights.
  • Develop and Monitor Core Labor Standards.
  • Voluntary Codes of Conduct.
  • Environment Protection.
  • Contribution to Sustainable Development.
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