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Vulnerability Assessment of Catalyic assesses the severity of weakness in an IT system / applications to know of any threats which might attack the whole system. There is a lot of chance of a data getting lost which not only is a problem for the businesses as well as for the customers. Our teams of threat experts make every effort to get the organization / individual posted on vulnerability, its exploitation details, and the level of risks. Catalyic has created a methodology for establishing vulnerability risk to ensure consistency and transparency in our processes.

Our methodology of Vulnerability Assessment is based on how easy it is to exploit a system, the effect of the exploitation on your business and customers, the availability of exploit code, and other factors that impact a business.

Methodology and Work Scope

Our primary focus for the Vulnerability Assessment is to identify vulnerabilities that an active hostile human threat might exploit. Although our assessment identifies both technical and non-technical weaknesses (e.g. procedural deficiencies), it is also focused on an in-depth analysis of technical vulnerabilities:
1. Identifying and reporting network IT infrastructure security weaknesses
2. Providing the client information about the weakness
3. Helping to validate that the weakness is vulnerability the client wants to fix
4. Assisting in identifying measures to eliminate or mitigate the vulnerability, and validating that the vulnerability is eliminated or mitigated successfully

Likelihood & Determination

To derive an overall likelihood rating, indicating the probability that a potential vulnerability may be exercised within the construct of the associated threat environment the following governing factors are considered:
1. Threat-source motivation and capability
2. Nature of the vulnerability (how easily it can be exploited).
3. Existence and effectiveness of current controls

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