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Capability Maturity Model Integrated CMMI is a model of best practices that provides organizations the platform to improve there performances by enhancing efficiency, reducing cost and improving quality. Capability Maturity Model Integrated CMMI enables organizations to promote behaviours via clear definitions as to how they should perform that ultimately leads to improved performance. CMMI provides complete documentation of the processes that lead to a handbook drafted copy of all the incorporated process that are being operated in an organization which needs to better manage and streamline processes. Capability Maturity Model Integrated CMMI has 2 approaches i.e Staged and Continuous and within those 22 Process areas are present to cover a typical life cycle of an organization. Catalyic Consulting has been actively involved since last 6 years in helping companies to get to various Maturity Levels of CMMI. By working with around 100 companies we have developed our own methodology to identify the pain points aced typically by an organization and how to address them in an optimal manner to get the best results. we equip our clients with the best of CMMI solutions and CMMI trainings under our CMMI services domain. We have also acquired a great deal of expertise by dealing with clients ranging from small-scale entrepreneur organizations to large scale public and military organizations.


Benefits of CMMI

Some of the typical benefits of CMMI that our clients get after successfully achieving Maturity level are as follows:

  • Cost Cutting edge leading to cost saving
  • Improved On time deliveries
  • Enhanced Productivity and Quality
  • Overall Better ROI
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

“Catalyic Consulting provides SCAMPI Appraisal services in collaboration with its international partners Liveware Inc and Quality Assurance Institute, Middle East & Africa. Both these organizations are CMMI Institute partners and are fully authorized to deliver these service”.

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