Catalyic received P@SHA AWARD 2013

Pasha ICT Awards 2013 

A momentous triumph by Catalyic Consulting, Yes! We got rewarded for ‘Best in Service Innovation’ award by P@SHA at the 10th Annual ICT Awards 2013 conducted in Islamabad on September 21, 2013.

To celebrate the momentous time when Catalyic received P@SHA AWARD 2013, the whole team of Catalyic visited Sarena Hotel in Islamabad to participate in the award ceremony and yet got profound pleasure when received a winning trophy.

It was a great enchantment to enlist among other competitive companies that were equally fulfilling the 10th P@SHA ICT Awards theme ‘Innovation is the Catalyst for Growth’.  The best deal was when our Group Company Strategic Alliances also got awarded for Best in Social Media (non-IT) which contributed a double treat to all of us. See us listed on Pasha ICT 2013 winners list

PASHA ICT Awards are known to provide appreciation to the software and service applications developing companies of Pakistan by providing an opportunity to gain local, regional and international exposure through on-going promotional activities. The moment of joy cannot be explained by virtue of words when Catalyic received P@SHA AWARD 2013 as it is a sign of victory in this industry. It is a platform of benchmarking innovators of the industry and creates a larger pool of knowledgeable workers for further development of Pakistan’s ICT industry.

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