Telenor Achieved CMMI L2 with Catalyic

CMMIL2 Appraisal by Catalyic   

We have made Telenor, one of the world’s major and leading mobile operators to a CMMI L2 Certified Organization as Telenor Achieved CMMI L2 with Catalyic

Our partnership with Telenor  has been strong and fruitful as we shared much successes and appreciation together while CMMI L2 implementation. This loyalty based long term bonding since Telenor Achieved CMMI L2 with Catalyic, they gave us the complete charge of the entire project to take them ahead in achieving CMMI L4 which is due in 2015. We are so proud that Telenor Group vowed on us as their only consultants and appraisers.

Telenor became our client when they needed to standardize themselves for ISO 9001:2008. After this efficacious implementation in 2012 they wanted us help them in the CMMI Appraisal.

Telenor figured out magnanimous benefits by achieving both the standards. They believe since Telenor Achieved CMMI L2 with Catalyic, these standards have made an effective improvement across multiple disciplines in their organization as a whole.

They could see substantial billion dollars saved in their development centres. They have improved schedule performances and achieved 100% on time delivery of their major IT projects now. They have got Improvement in account productivity, reduction in defect density mechanism and improved customer satisfaction index in three of their technical areas. Moreover they have experienced a definite rise in their ROI over the 2 years.

It is thus the first step of Catalyic for entering into the telecom sector and we endeavour to deepen in to the telecom sector this year, with more telecoms are expected to come under Catalyic’s belt of achievement.

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