ZONG achieving CMMI® ML2 with Catalyic Consulting


ZONG has been a trendsetting telco in Pakistan who has recently launched 3G network and the only telecom company offering 4G across the country for its users, absolutely free of cost. ZONG is a Chinese telecom brand brought to Pakistan not introduced until recently. Since the introduction of ZONG in Pakistan, the dynamics of the telecom industry has changed phenomenally. After Telenor, ZONG also approached us for CMMI® implementation due to the fact that we are privileged to have a successful background of working with the Telecom industry and we have expertise developed to incorporate the ADHOC needs of the Telco Industry, so now ZONG achieving CMMI® ML2 with Catalyic Consulting.

There has always been a rivalry among Telcos in Pakistan. And ZONG is a significant part of this war. In order to slice through this fierce competition and gain competitive edge by virtue of improved processes, one has to deploy a set of best practices to rise above the rest and become different from all.

Keeping this into mind, ZONG also realized the extensive set of benefits of deploying CMMI® ML2 in order to streamline its processes and to achieve a synchronized, productive, efficient and effective output.

Each of the process areas at CMMI® Maturity Level II ® gives rise to an individual goal (or set of goals) that can be achieved implementing that process area’s defined practices. “Practice” is referred to as the smallest unit in CMMI® which symbolizes a certain goal requirement. A maturity level can be achieved by meeting all of its generic and process area goals.

ZONG and Catalyic Consulting bonded together for the achievement of generic goal of CMMI® ML2 in order to “Institutionalize a managed process”. We are privileged to serve ZONG with our CMMI® Consulting, implementation and Appraisal services and the best part is, to serve in time and within the allocated budget. We are looking forward to deploying further CMMI® levels in the future with ZONG.

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